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What is a Hacienda Style House?

What is a Hacienda Style House?

Jun 5th 2023

Have you ever noticed red clay roof tiles and white stucco walls in a home? These are some of the known characteristics of the beauty of a hacienda-style house. What all goes into building this type of home? Well, we’re here to help tell you everything you’ll need to know about these gorgeous abodes. Read on for more!

Origins of the Hacienda-Style House

“Hacienda” has originally been referred to as vast Spanish colonial estates. They were typically names because of their agricultural purposes but, over time, have evolved to include other distinctive architecture. We often think now of hacienda-style houses with open courtyards or patios, red tile roofs, and a feeling of spaciousness.

Many modern architects use a blend of Native American and Spanish influences to draw inspiration from when designing these unique homes. All in all, hacienda houses are a true classic that can be spotted from miles away and are always sure to impress.

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Characteristics of a Hacienda-Style Home

Taking a road trip through the Southwest? Take a look out your window at some hacienda-style homes. Earthy tones, warm feelings, ironwork, and stunning terra cotta tiles often characterize them. Typically, a hacienda is a large home centered in a courtyard. You’ll often see a mix of indoor and outdoor living spaces like patios with natural materials like wood and stone.

There are also many rooms in a hacienda house, each for a specific purpose. When you walk into these types of abodes, high ceilings, and exposed wood beams will appear. This style is unique and not necessarily for everyone but with the classic features and modern twist, it’s sure to say that in the design world, a hacienda-style home is timeless.

How to Create a Hacienda-Style Home on a Budget

Creating a hacienda home isn’t as pricey as one may think. The first thing you’ll need to do is consider incorporating wood, stone, and wrought iron throughout your décor. This could be simple as an iron table lamp or a wood cabinet. Then add some colorful style tiles to your kitchen, floors, or walls to bring vibrancy around the space. Also, don’t forget to use textiles like woven rugs and tapestries to add richness. The last thing you’ll want to bring into a hacienda home is some greenery, like small house plants, to bring in a touch of nature.

All of these tips can be on the affordable side and are pretty accessible to get making the idea of a hacienda home super achievable. Next time you’re at your local home store, look out for these types of items and keep an eye out for promos or coupons, and you can get these for your home at a much-discounted price!


Hacienda-style homes are taking the decorating world by storm. We see them everywhere in the southwest and now know the history of its culture and tradition. We also gave you some characteristics and tips for styling a hacienda home on a budget. From wood accents to muted shades, you can easily make your space come alive with southwestern vibes like a hacienda home. If you want to introduce some Latin flair, look into Lone Star Western Décor! We have all the southwestern décor you would need to get started.