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Tapestry & Canvas Wall Hangings

Our selection of Tapestry & Oil Wall Hangings give your western home a sophisticated look with artistic flair. The hand-painted, oil-on-canvas paintings have decorative toppers and rods that complement ranch-style decor, and the high-quality woven or printed tapestries bring warmth and softness to your walls.

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Prismatic Longhorn Turquoise Canvas Art
Wild Buffalo Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Wall Art
Five Feathers Canvas Art
Horses in Love Canvas Art
Watercolor Stallion Canvas Art
Skull with Flowers Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Longhorn Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bison Canvas Art
Brilliant Buffalo Wall Art
Wild Winter Horse Canvas Wall Art
Buffalo Spirit Canvas Wall Art
My Pride Wall Hanging
Warriors Truce Wall Hanging
Hello Canvas Print
King Canvas Print
Oasis I Canvas Print
Oasis III Canvas Print
Whoa Canvas Print
Kaleidoscope Horse Canvas Wall Art - 40 x 24
Hell Bent For Leather Canvas Vertical Wall Scroll
Hell Bent For Leather Canvas Horizontal Wall Scroll
Moving Out Cowboy Canvas Wall Scroll
Stage Fright Canvas Wall Scroll
Stepping Out Cowboy Canvas Wall Scroll
Icon of the West Framed Canvas
Gathering Storm Framed Canvas
Enchantment Canyon I Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Enchantment Canyon II Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Enchantment Canyon III Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Happiness Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Running Buddies Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Chilling in the Wildflowers Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Got Hay Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Bluebonnet Gallery Wrapped Canvas
The Lusitano Dancer Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Gray Ghost Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Contemplation Gallery Wrapped Canvas
On the Lonely Trail Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Come on Over Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hoofbeats and Heartbeats Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Katie Horses Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hangin' Out Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Full Gallop Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Arriving Gallery Wrapped Canvas
At Your Service Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ICU II Gallery Wrapped Canvas
A Full Stop Motion Gallery Wrapped Canvas
One Spring Morning Gallery Wrapped Canvas
A Moment in Time Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Adobe Dancer Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Arabian Runner Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Horse Best Friends Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Cool Water Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Don't Bother Me Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Eastward Gallop Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Fabiano I Color Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Horse Dancer Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Into the Light Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Leonardo Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Little Miss Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Look at Me Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Midnight Dancers Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Moonlight Dreamer Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Midnight Runners Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Mother and Son Gallery Wrapped Canvas
My Little Bella Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Out of the Dust Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Playful Friends Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Pretty Girls Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Ruby's Good Time Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Sheraz Sepia Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Sherry's Boy Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Snow White Gallery Wrapped Canvas
The Herd Gallery Wrapped Canvas
The Mustangs Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Three Ponies Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Waiting for the New Boss Gallery Wrapped Canvas
We're Out of Here Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Westward Gallop Gallery Wrapped Canvas
What's Up Gallery Wrapped Canvas
White Shadow Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Yellow Jersey Framed Canvas
Young Mustangs Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Cow Pair Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Baby Cow Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Artsy Cow Framed Canvas
Rainbow Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Stormy Framed Canvas
Plains Buffalo Framed Canvas
4 Peaks Gallery Wrapped Canvas
End of the Day Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Full Moon Ride Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hard Rider Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Heading for the Sun Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hired Hand II Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Hired Hand III Gallery Wrapped Canvas
How Bout a Kiss Sepia Gallery Wrapped Canvas
In the Barn Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Night Watch Gallery Wrapped Canvas
On the Utah Plains Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Story Teller Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Taking a Break Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Teo on the Ranch Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Texas Sunset Gallery Wrapped Canvas
The Buckaroo Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Colorful Cow Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Western Skull Mount I Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Western Skull Mount II Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Western Skull Mount III Gallery Wrapped Canvas
North Rim IV Mirror Wrapped Canvas
North Rim V Mirror Wrapped Canvas
North Rim VI Mirror Wrapped Canvas
The Country I Mirror Wrapped Canvas
The Country III Mirror Wrapped Canvas
The Country IV Mirror Wrapped Framed Canvas
Driving Sky Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Over the Crest Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Desert Rainbow Left Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Desert Rainbow Center Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Desert Rainbow Right Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Grand Sunset Left Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Grand Sunset Right Mirror Wrapped Canvas
Ocotillo Triptych Middle Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Ocotillo Triptych Right Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Ocotillo Triptych Left Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Herd Sentinel Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Prairie Watch Galllery Wrapped Canvas
Color Lush Framed Canvas
Wildlife Snapshot Buffalo Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Rough Start Wall Tapestry
Running Horses Small Wall Tapestry
Bringing Them In Wall Tapestry
Buffalo Lodge Wall Tapestry
Casa Courtyard Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Untamed Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Madrone & Maple Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Sunset Cruise Wrapped Canvases - Set of 3
Kaleidoscope Horse Canvas Wall Art - 36 x 18
Longhorn Couple Orange Wall Art - 36 x 12
Longhorn Couple Orange Wall Art - 54 x 18
Paint the Town Framed Canvas
Jersey in Oregon Canvas Wall Art
Peaceful Bison I Framed Canvas
Peaceful Bison II Framed Canvas
Brothers Framed Canvas Wall Art
Watercolor Buffalo Canvas Wall Art
Afternoon Ride Framed Canvas
Blue Sky Jersey Canvas Wall Art
Stallion in the Garden Framed Canvas
Texas Bison Canvas Wall Art
Buffalo on White Framed Canvas
Where's Waldo Framed Canvas
Buffalo Under Big Sky Framed Canvas
Mustangs Under Big Sky Framed Canvas
Siskiyou County Barn Framed Canvas
White Picket Fence Framed Canvas
Stars at Night Canvas Wall Art
Texas BB Canvas Wall Art
Cowgirl Framed Canvas
Montana Dreaming Framed Canvas
Quiet Horse Framed Canvas
Buffalo Stare Wrapped Canvas
Sun Ray Wrapped Canvas
Scenic Canyon Wrapped Canvas
Summertime Bloom I Wrapped Canvas
Summertime Bloom II Wrapped Canvas
Eastern Sun Framed Canvas
Eastern Sunrise Framed Canvas
Western Memoir Framed Canvas
Western Memoir II Framed Canvas
Horse in Love Framed Canvas
Dark Horse Framed Canvas
Horse Quartet Framed Canvas
Cowboy and Friend Framed Canvas
Graceful Horse Framed Canvas
Black and White Horse Portrait Framed Canvas
Black and White Horse Profile Framed Canvas
Cowgirl and Horse Wrapped Canvas
Cowboy Cause Framed Canvas
Not My First Rodeo Framed Canvas
Trotting Around Framed Canvas
Western Cowboy Pride Framed Canvas
Down the Barrel Framed Canvas
Lone Cowboy Hideaway Framed Canvas
Lone Cowgirl Hideaway Framed Canvas
Dusk on the Plains Framed Canvas
Western Stampede Framed Canvas
Riding through the Dust Framed Canvas
Sacred Spear Framed Canvas
Red Dirt Riders Wrapped Canvas
Night Rodeo Wrapped Canvas
Western Mob Framed Canvas
Prairie Church Framed Canvas
Vibrant Ranchero Framed Canvas
Down the Valley Framed Canvas
Red, White and Blue Hill Framed Canvas
Blue Flower Lake Framed Canvas
Dusk on the Prairie Framed Canvas
Noon on the Prairie Framed Canvas
Prairie Flower Field Framed Canvas
Bluebonnet Evening Framed Canvas
Bluebonnet Morning Framed Canvas
Battle of the Alamo Framed Canvas
Spurs and Chaps Framed Canvas
Majestic Longhorn Framed Canvas
Cowboy Sunset Silhouette Framed Canvas
Supper Time Prayer Framed Canvas
Cowgirl Attitude Framed Canvas
Cowboy Tots Framed Canvas
Love of the Landscape Framed Canvas
Longhorn Pride Framed Canvas
River Baptism Framed Canvas
Texas Ranger Framed Canvas
Remembering the Alamo Framed Canvas
Cow in Colorful Field Framed Canvas
Hayfield Cows Framed Canvas
Colorful Cow Framed Canvas
The Verdict Framed Canvas
Prosperity Framed Canvas
Western Windmill Framed Canvas
Alone in the West Framed Canvas
Rain Clouds Framed Canvas
Dusk on the West Framed Canvas
Texas Longhorn Framed Canvas
Texas Buffalo Framed Canvas
Bigger in Texas Framed Canvas
Barn with a Green Roof Framed Canvas
Coral Desert Blooms Wrapped Canvas
Pink Desert Blooms Wrapped Canvas
Fiery Desert Blooms Wrapped Canvas
The Journey Back Home Framed Canvas
A Nap in the Cottonwood Tree Framed Canvas
Monotone Feathers Framed Canvases - Set of 2
Prairie Sky Tile Wall Art - Set of 4
Brown Eye Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Pale Eye Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Black Cow Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art
Pig in Flowers Canvas Wall Art
Abstract Field I Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Abstract Field II Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Abstract Field I Framed Canvas
Abstract Field II Framed Canvas
Curious Cow on Blue Canvas Wall Art
Watercolor Cow Canvas Wall Art
Equestrian Autumn Framed Canvas
Cactus Field Framed Canvas
Desert Cliff Framed Canvas
Native Signals Framed Canvas
Chaps and Blue Boots Framed Canvas
Indigo Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Sedona Cactus Framed Canvas
Palm Desert Cactus Framed Canvas
El Paso Cactus Framed Canvas
Scottsdale Cactus Framed Canvas
Silver City Cactus Framed Canvas
Glendale Cactus Framed Canvas
Mt. Zion Cactus Framed Canvas
Picacho Cactus Framed Canvas
Tombstone Cactus Framed Canvas
Marfa Cactus Framed Canvas
La Quinta Cactus Framed Canvas
Borrego Cactus Framed Canvas
Tucson Cactus Framed Canvas
Grand Canyon Cactus Framed Canvas
Vaca Cactus Framed Canvas
Dust Rider I Framed Canvas
Dust Rider II Framed Canvas
Dust Rider III Framed Canvas
Dust Rider IV Framed Canvas
Dust Rider V Framed Canvas
Southwest King Framed Canvas
Texan Deer Framed Canvas
Western Chief Framed Canvas
Chapel in the Rain Framed Canvas
Golden Horse Stare Wall Art
Pony Gallop Canvas Art
Lessons from a Wolf Tapestry Bell Pull
Lessons from a Wolf Wall Tapestry
Texas Boots & Bluebonnets Wall Tapestry
Graceful Stallion Wall Tapestry
Solo Sheep Canvas Art
Southern Barn Canvas Art
Posh Bison Canvas Art
Hereford Cow Canvas Art
Daisy the Dairy Cow Canvas Art
Tonkawa Bison Canvas Art
Cactus Bouquet Canvas Art
Ella the Cow Canvas Art
Molly the Cow Canvas Art
Cactus Flower Canvas Art
Sheepish Couple Canvas Art
Sheepish Couple Taupe Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bison Green Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bison Taupe Canvas Art
Chic Buffalo Blue Canvas Art
Chic Buffalo Green Canvas Art
Dusty Trot Horse Canvas Art
Posh Bull Canvas Art
Prickly Pear Night Canvas Art
Prickly Pear Morning Canvas Art
Sheepish Trio Canvas Art
Family of Goats Canvas Art
Sheepish Family Canvas Art
Annie the Calf Canvas Art
Farm Animals Plaid Canvas Art
Farm Animals Teal Canvas Art
Farm Animals Taupe Canvas Art
Three Feathers Canvas Art
Clarabelle the Cow Canvas Art
Posh Cow Canvas Art
Country Barns Canvas Art
Plaid Horse Canvas Art
Floral Horse Canvas Art
Woods & Pastures Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bull Floral Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bull Taupe Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Bull Fire Red Canvas Art
Pastel Pig Canvas Art
Pig Love Canvas Art
Posh Holstein Canvas Art
Brown Horse Stare Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Stallion on Gray Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Stallion on Pink Canvas Art
Equine Dream Canvas Art
Equine Vision Canvas Art
Durango Ranch Canvas Art
Longhorn Steer and Calf Taupe Canvas Art
Longhorn Steer and Calf Blue Canvas Art
Three Pink Pigs Floral Wall Art
Three Pink Pigs Brown Wall Art
Wildflower Longhorn Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Longhorn Neutral Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Longhorn Tribal Blue Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Longhorn Tribal Brown Canvas Art
Tribal Longhorn Floral Canvas Art
Tribal Longhorn Taupe Canvas Art
Longhorn Couple Teal Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Horse Cream Canvas Art
Pastel Cow Canvas Art
Appaloosa Mare and Foal Canvas Art
Equine Affection Canvas Art
Pastel Prickly Pear Cactus Canvas Art
Pink Prickly Pear Canvas Art
Pastel Pony Canvas Art
Dorothy's Calf Canvas Art
Curly the Pig Canvas Art
Mable the Pig Portrait Canvas Art
Mable the Pig Canvas Art
Cactus Crest Canvas Art
Paddle Cactus Flowers Canvas Art
Spruce Cone Roses Canvas Art
Zebra Blooms Canvas Art
Equestrian Beauty Canvas Art
Little Lamb Canvas Art
Bluebonnet Texas Canvas Art
Longhorn Blossom Canvas Art
Buffalo Gaze Canvas Art
Cow Gaze Canvas Art
Houndstooth Hereford Cows Canvas Art
Mable the Cow Canvas Art
White Stallion Gallop Canvas Art
White Stallion Stampede Canvas Art
Confrontational Cow Canvas Art
Triple Threat Cows Canvas Art
Potted Cactus Canvas Art
Potted Prickly Pear Canvas Art
Coastal Cow Canvas Art
Rustic Adventure Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Wolves Blue Canvas Art
Kaleidoscope Wolves Mint Canvas Art
Buffalo Profile Canvas Art
Molly Cow Multicolor Canvas Art
Red Barn Canvas Wall Art
Retro Barn and Silo Canvas Wall Art
Quaint Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art
Crimson Steed Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Art - BACKORDERED UNTIL 8/31/2021
Motley Wolf Wall Art
Whimsical Saguaro Wall Art
Desert Blossoms I Wall Art
Desert Blossoms II Wall Art
Longhorn Legacy Triptych Wall Art - Set of 3
Thompson's Barn Canvas Art
Colorful Aloe Canvas Art
Southwest Leaves Canvas Art
Autumn at the Farm Canvas Art
Autumn by the Lake Canvas Art
Spiral Aloe Canvas Art
Desert Succulents I Canvas Art
Taos Watercolor Aloe Canvas Art
Horse in Turquoise II Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals I Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals II Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals III Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals IV Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals IX Canvas Art
Abstract Desert Horizon Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals VI Canvas Art
Flossie the Cow Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals V Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals VII Canvas Art
Southwest Botanicals VIII Canvas Art
Abstract Headdress I Canvas Art
Abstract Headdress II Canvas Art
Abstract Headdress III Canvas Art - OVERSTOCK
Abstract Windmill Canvas Art
At the Watering Hole Canvas Art
Austin Evening II Canvas Art
Blazing Boot Canvas Art
Blazing Skull Canvas Art
Bull Pose Canvas Art
Cabin Wheel Canvas Art
Cactus Haze I Canvas Art
Cactus Haze II Canvas Art
Cactus Impressions I Canvas Art
Cactus Impressions II Canvas Art
Color Splash Horses Canvas Art
Cow Pose Canvas Art
Cowboy Lessons Canvas Art
Crimson Cowgirl Canvas Art - 26 x 18
Death Valley Skull Canvas Art
Desert Brush Canvas Art
Desert Mirage Canvas Art
Desert Stars Canvas Art
Desert Teepee Canvas Art
Dusty Longhorn Canvas Art
Equine Anatomy Canvas Art
Equine Vision I Canvas Art
Equine Vision II Canvas Art
Following the Scent Canvas Art
Frontier Sunset Canvas Art
Galloping Colors Canvas Art
Golden Manes Canvas Art
Hayfield Landscape Canvas Art
Hitching a Ride Canvas Art
Homestead Map Canvas Art
Knock Knock Framed Art
Lazy Afternoon Canvas Art
Little Cowboys Canvas Art
Lone Star Longhorn Canvas Art
Longhorn Gaze Canvas Art
Mane Canvas Art
Mesa Hues Canvas Art
Mesa Rainshower Canvas Art
Moab Arrows I Canvas Art
Moab Arrows II Canvas Art
Mojave Skull Canvas Art
Noon at the Fort Canvas Art
Pasture Landscape Canvas Art
Plains Roundup Canvas Art
Prickly Desert I Canvas Art
Prickly Desert II Canvas Art
Rancher Couple Canvas Art
Rest Stop Canvas Art
River View Sunset Canvas Art
Saloon Sign Canvas Art
Sierra Vista Canvas Art
Skyfire Canvas Art
Solitude on the Plains Canvas Art
Southwest Hat Rack Framed Art
Southwest Plumage I Canvas Art
Southwest Plumage II Canvas Art
Spirit of the Frontier Canvas Art
Stylized Longhorn Canvas Art
Sunset Windmill Canvas Art
Taking Five Canvas Art
Taking in the View Canvas Art
Taos Panel I Canvas Art
Taos Panel II Canvas Art
Taos Sunrise Canvas Art
Texas Barn Canvas art
The Lookout Canvas Art
Tucson Skull Canvas Art
Valley Sunset Canvas Art
Wading Stallion Canvas Art
Watering Hole Framed Art
Wedding Day Canvas Art
Wild West Show I Canvas Art
Wild West Show II Canvas Art
Windmill Deer Canvas Art
Windmill Scene Canvas Art
Windmill Sky Canvas Art
Winter Cattle Drive Canvas Art
Wranglers Framed Art
Sky Diamonds Canvas Art
Bison Profile Canvas Art
Bluebonnet Stream Canvas Art
Bull Watch Canvas Art
Canyon Riverbank I Canvas Art
Canyon Riverbank II Canvas Art
Canyon Riverbank III Canvas Art
Canyon Riverbank IV Canvas Art
Canyon Riverbank V Canvas Art
Deer Run Canvas Art
Downstream Flowers Canvas Art
Gazing Bison Canvas Art
Gilded Buffalo Canvas Art
Minimalist Buffalo Canvas Art
Sunlit Valley Canvas Art
Fighting Bald Eagles Wrapped Canvas
Lucky in Love Canvas
Portrait of a Wolf Print
Zoology Lesson Limited Edition Print
Unduly Curious 11 x 14 Print
Gray Horses I Canvas Art
Gray Horses II Canvas Art
Rodeo Horse I Canvas Art
Rodeo Horse II Canvas Art
Buffalo Patterns Canvas Art
Plains Gallop Canvas Art
Plains Spirit Canvas Art
Spotted Horse I Canvas Art
Spotted Horse II Canvas Art
Spotted Horse III Canvas Art
Ethereal Horse I Canvas Art
Ethereal Horse II Canvas Art
Dusty Gallop Canvas Art
Horse Window Canvas Art
Ethereal Horse III Canvas Art
Ethereal Horse IV Canvas Art
Spirit Horse Canvas Art
Tempe Impressions I Canvas Art
Tempe Impressions II Canvas Art
Tempe Impressions III Canvas Art
Tempe Impressions IV Canvas Art
Beach Horses Canvas Art
Herd View Outdoor Canvas Art
Sunburst Horse Outdoor Canvas Art
Grazing Outdoor Canvas Art
Desert Gang Outdoor Canvas Art
Country Barn Canvas Art
Chocolate Pony Framed Canvas
Desert Canyon Framed Canvas
Cow on Couch Framed Canvas
Desert Sands Framed Canvas
Sunset Chief Framed Canvas
Rustic U.S. Flag Wall Art
Floral Bull Canvas Wall Art
Untamed Spirit Canvas Wall Art
Cactus Butterflies Canvas Wall Art
Festive Bison Canvas Wall Art
Blooming Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Bull & Butterfly Canvas Wall Art
Steed Spirit Canvas Wall Art
Bison with Ribbon Canvas Wall Art
Bull in a China Shop Mini Framed Canvas
Floral Donkeys I Mini Framed Canvas
Floral Donkeys II Mini Framed Canvas
Cactus Bloom I Mini Framed Canvas
Cactus Bloom II Mini Framed Canvas
Cactus Bloom III Mini Framed Canvas
Floral Cactus Mini Framed Canvas
Autumn Barn Canvas Art
White Barn Canvas Wall Art
Purple Blooms Outdoor Wall Art
Desert Rose Outdoor Wall Art
Desert Blooms Outdoor Wall Art
Winter White Outdoor Wall Art
Cowgirl Style Outdoor Wall Art
Cowboy Style Outdoor Wall Art
Stolen Kiss Outdoor Wall Art
Plains Master Outdoor Wall Art
Family Gathering Outdoor Wall Art
Blooming Desert Outdoor Wall Art
Showing 1-99 of 173 products
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