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Western Curtains and Window Treatments

Sierra Vista Tapestry Window Valance
Cimarron Sunrise Window Valance
Texas Sky Star & Horseshoe Valance
Canyon Spice Valance
Canyon Spice Drapes
Ranch Commandments Valance
Ranch Commandments Drapes
Joshua Stripe Cactus Valance
Joshua Stripe Cactus Drapes
Pecos River Drapes
Pecos River Valance
Southwest at Heart Valance - CLEARANCE
Arizona Sun Valance
Southwestern Turquoise Plush Valance
Paisley Meadows Valance
Fire Dance Valance
San Juan Turquoise Valance
Turquoise Diamond Plush Valance
Mesa Azul Valance
Cowboy Lifestyle Valance
Cowboy Way Blackout Drapes - Set of 2
Cowboy Way Valance
Wind River Plush Drapes
Turquoise Earth Valance
Turquoise Earth Drapes
Wind River Plush Valance
Loretta Valance
Sun Dance Lined Valance
Ruidoso Rodeo Lined Valance - CLEARANCE
Southwestern Cibola Lined Valance
Desert Jewel Lined Valance
Yuma Desert Valance - CLEARANCE
Red Sun Valance
Stormy Diamonds Valance
Earth & Sky Quilted Valance
Starlight Trails Adobe Valance
Starlight Trails Chocolate Star Valance
Wyoming Concho Star Valance
Chestnut Suede Horse Valance
Desert Horizon Southwest Valance
Star Ranch Valance
Canyon Shadows "V" Valance
Canyon Shadows Drapes
Distressed Leather Western Valance
Chocolate Drapes
Cerrillos Hills Turquoise Rod Pocket Valance
Southwest Shadows Drapes - OUT OF STOCK
Southwest Shadows Valance
Dakota Sky Drapes
Dakota Sky Valance
Earth & Sky Lined Drape Set
Skystone Turquoise Rod Pocket Southwest Valance
Cerrillos Hills Fringed Valance
Santa Cruz Turquoise Valance
Desert Arrow Valance
Brown Mustang Star Valance
Canyon Shadows Diamond Valance
Saguaro Trail Southwest Valance
Sun Valley Southwest Valance
Sonoran Sky Drapes
Sunset Vista Drapes
Desert Horizon Southwest Drapes
Turquoise Mesa Drapes
Western Paisley Beaumont Valance
Western Paisley Beaumont Drapes
San Angelo Paisley Valance
San Angelo Curtain
San Angelo Leopard Valance
Cerrillos Hills Turquoise Drapes
Spur Curtain Rod & Rod Holders
Star Curtain Rod & Rod Holders
Horseshoe Curtain Rod & Rod Holders
Spur Tiebacks - Set of 2
Star Tiebacks - Set of 2
Horseshoe Tiebacks - Set of 2
Tobacco Drapes
Caldwell Cowhide Faux Tooled Leather Curtain
Forged Iron Curtain Rod Sets
Three Horses Valance
Adobe Drapes
Curtain Rods
Western Tiebacks
Western Curtain Rod Brackets
Forged Iron Tiebacks
Adobe Drapes
Western Spring Valance
Western Spring Curtain
Gallop Drape Set - OVERSTOCK
Gallop Valance
Gallop Drape
Gallop Tie Back
Sage Kilim Window Panel - 84 Inch
Sage Kilim Blackout Window Panel - 95 Inch
Pueblo Valley Blackout Window Panels - 84 Inch - Set of 2 - OVERSTOCK
Pueblo Valley Blackout Window Panel - 95 Inch - OVERSTOCK
Old Silver Berry Concho Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Diamond Copper Concho Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Round Silver Concho Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Round Copper Concho Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Sunburst Concho Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Desert Diamond with Turquoise Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Sunburst Concho Tie Backs - Set of 2
Desert Diamond with Turquoise Stone Tie Backs - Set of 2
Picture Jasper Stone Tie Backs - Set of 2
Red Jasper Stone Tie Backs - Set of 2
Unakite Stone Tie Backs - Set of 2
Turquoise Stone Tie Backs - Set of 2
Picture Jasper Stone Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Red Jasper Stone Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Unakite Stone Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Turquoise Stone Rod Brackets - Set of 2
Old Silver Berry Concho Tie Backs - Set of 2
Diamond Copper Concho Tie Backs - Set of 2
Round Silver Concho Tie Backs - Set of 2
Round Copper Concho Tie Backs - Set of 2
Running Horse Small Drape Rod Bracket
Buffalo Small Drape Rod Bracket
Bronc Drape Small Drape Rod Bracket
Texas Star Small Drape Rod Bracket
Embroidery Brand Dark Tan Accessories
Floral Meadows Window Panel Pair
Floral Meadows Valance
Paisley Jewel Window Panel Pair
Desert Maze Fringed Valance
Rustic Chevron Room Darkening Window Panel - 84 Inch
Canyon Stripes Drape Set
Gold Falling Feathers Valance
Bright Falling Feathers Drape Set
Bright Falling Feathers Valance
Embroidered Barbwire Curtain
Luxury Valance with Fringe
Adobe Quarry Valance
Adobe Quarry Drape Panel
Adobe Quarry Tie Back
Adobe Quarry Drape Set and Tie Backs
Luminaria Valance
Luminaria Drape Panel
Luminaria Tie Back
Luminaria Drapes & Tie Backs
Geronimo Haze Valance
Geronimo Haze Drape Panel
Geronimo Haze Tie Back
Geronimo Haze Drapes and Tie Backs
Pueblo Heather Valance
Pueblo Heather Drape Panel
Pueblo Heather Tie Back
Pueblo Heather Drapes and Tie Backs
Bellacourt Valance
Bellacourt Drape Panel
Bellacourt Tie Back
Bellacourt Drapes and Tie Backs
Cheyenne Stripes Curtain and Tie Back
Cheyenne Stripes Valance
Loretta Drape Panel and Tie Back
Silverado Stripe Curtain and Tie Back
Silverado Valance
Flying Horse Faux Leather Valance
Sunset Vista Valance - OVERSTOCK
Running Free Horse Drape Set
Sonoran Sky Valance
Old West Valance
Old West Damask Drapes
Lone Star Valance
Alexandra Twist Tab Paisley Printed Window Panel - Taupe
Alexandra Twist Tab Paisley Printed Window Panel - Gray
Southwestern Winter Drapes

The window is often a focal point in the room, connecting the warmth and security of your home with the splendor and vitality of the outside world. What better place, then, to bring in your Western decorating ideas than with a host of Western curtains and window treatments from Lone Star Western Decor? We offer dozens of valances, curtains and curtain rods all meticulously crafted to last and look great while doing it. From classic Southwest patterns, to lone stars, and beyond, your next set of Western curtains and window treatments is right here at Lone Star Western Decor.

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Extreme Makeover -Home Lone Star Western Decor's products were recently featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We donated over 30 items to the Barrett Family including bedding, throws & home decor.

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