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Western Sofas & Chairs

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Bison Ridge Hooked Wool Bench
Sonora Ranch Leather Bench
Sierra Copper Plated Stool
Viejo Tiles Blanket Storage Bench
Western Wood Storage Bench
Chaps Bench - Large
Chaps Bench - Small
Wild Bill Chair and a Half
Ranchero Southwestern Sofa Collection
Tin Feather Stool
Wood Santa Fe Sitter Stool Collection
Chief Hooked Wool Footstool
Two Warriors Hooked Wool Bench
Antique Brown Large Colonial Tooled Leather Ottoman
Vaquero Club Chair
Vaquero Ottoman
Buffalo Spirit Deer Suede Ottoman
Santa Fe Wing Back Chair
Santa Fe Small Ottoman
Tequila Barrel Bench
Houston Cowhide Leather Chair
Old Wood Turquoise Bench
Western Royalty Club Chair
Grizzly Bear Club Chair
Western Royalty Chair and a Half
Vaquero Sofa
Maverick Furniture Collection
Ranch Foreman Sofa
DKR Wing Chair
Cuero Club Chair
Bartlett Loveseat
Railroadsman's Wing Back Chair
Western Executive Office Chair
Salado Swivel Glider
Ft. Worth Chaise Lounge
Longhorn Chaise Lounge
Hill Country Chaise Lounge
California Swivel Glider
Cattle Baron Sofa
Dodge City Ottoman with Fringe
Havana Furniture Collection
King Chaise Lounge
Luckenbach Curved Front Loveseat
Luckenbach Curved Front Sofa
Mesa Ottoman
Roja Ottoman
Roja Swivel Glider
Tucson Straightback Club Chair
Tucson Straightback Sofa
Western Heritage Den Chair
Wild Horse Saloon Furniture Collection
Cowhide Cube Ottoman
Roll Arm Bench
Roll Arm Bench with Triumph Saddle
Cowhide Large Ottoman
Cowhide Medium Ottoman
Large Tufted Ottoman
Albuquerque Furniture Collection
Longhorn Hickory Bench
Tooled Leather and Cowhide Bench
Boot Bench with Cowhide
Texas Nights Collection
San Sebastian Bench - Small
San Sebastian Bench - Large
Hair on Hide and Tooled Leather Chaise Lounge
Teresa Chair
Super Jumbo Rectangle Ottoman
Kallie Den Chair
Soloman Bench
Lucia Bench
Granada Bench
Spanish Heritage Vanity Bench
Posse Double Vanity Bench
Western Vanity Bench
Tooled Leather Bench
Tooled Leather Super Bench
Calf Roper Fernando Iron Bench
Imperial Bench with Colonial Leather Design
Spanish Heritage Bench
Sally Chairs (set of 4 chairs)
Spanish Heritage Chair with Nailheads (set of 4 chairs)
Imperial Leather Arm Chair
Soloman Arm Chair
Spanish Heritage Chair with Nailheads (set of 4 chairs)
Spanish Heritage Ash Arm Chair
Spanish Heritage Chair - Turquoise
Medallion Chair
Raphael Colonial Arm Chair
Diego Arm Chair
The Legend Everlast Leverage & Hair on Hide Sofa Collection
Bouquet Ash Ottoman
Bouquet Green Ottoman
Barbara Green Double Bench
Turquoise Double Vanity Bench
Red Diamond Large Ottoman
Turquoise Colonial Special Edition Ottoman Box
Black Super Jumbo Ottoman
Turquoise Super Jumbo Ottoman
Turquoise Colonial Large Ottoman
Yellow Bronco Large Ottoman
Spanish Heritage Sage Chair - Set of 6
Spanish Heritage Red Chair - Set of 6
Outlaw Sectional Sofa with Hair on Hide
Rambler Chair
Fireside Ottoman
Hinsdale Four Cushion Sectional Sofa
Mustang Band Sofa Collection
Bouquet Red Storage Ottoman
King Kong Ottoman - Red
Western Single Vanity Bench with Hair on Hide - Brown
Susanna Bench
Large Box Ottoman
Solomon Bench with Turquoise Tooled Leather
Western Single Vanity Bench with Hair on Hide - Red
Western Single Vanity Bench with Hair on Hide - Turquoise
Spanish Heritage Bench with Classico Tooled Leather
Spanish Heritage Bench with Inka Fabric
King Kong Ottoman with Brindle Hair on Hide
Red Box Ottoman with Fleur De Lys Tooled Leather
Special Edition Round Ottoman
Green Colonial Large Ottoman
Diamond Large Ottoman
Kokopelli Large Ottoman
Yellow Colonial Round Ottoman
Ash Flowers Round Ottoman
Black Colonial Large Ottoman
Large Hair on Hide Ottoman
Super Jumbo Square Ottoman
Barbara Stool
Barbara Stool with Two Tone Leather
Colonial Parsons Stool
Posse Spanish Stool
Sevilla Bench
Catania Bench
Solano Bench
Rosalva Chair
Contempo Barbed Wire Chair
Contempo Burano Chair
King Kong Ottoman - Antique Brown
King Kong Ottoman - Turquoise
King Kong Ottoman - Black
King Kong Ottoman - Rustic
Hinsdale Stallone Sectional Sofa with Hair on Hide
Canyon Ridge Brindle Sofa
Rancher Stallone Timber Loveseat
Western Elegance Conversation Sofa
Dallas Furniture Collection
Brunner Storage Ottoman
Chahna Small Bench
Victoria Lounge Chair
Cabin Fever Sofa
Cabin Fever Swivel Glider
Cabin Fever Round Ottoman
Albuquerque Turquoise Chaise Lounge
Cubano Swivel Glider
Albuquerque Turquoise Oversized Wingback Chair
Roja Bordello Loveseat
Triumph Ottoman
Mesa Round Ottoman
Black and White Solid Cowhide Ottoman
Small Roll Top Ottoman
Mountain Sierra Coffee Table Ottoman
Mountain Storm Storage Cube
Colt Coffee Storage Cube
Goatskin Leather Ottoman
Goatskin Leather Lounger
Chalina Arm Chair
Turquoise Leather & Cowhide Club Chair
Turquoise & Embossed Leather Medium Ottoman
Cowhide Cube Ottoman - Light Brown
Cowhide Cube Ottoman - Dark Brown
Cowhide Cube Ottoman - White
Cowhide Cube Ottoman - Gray
Studded Distressed Leather Swivel Glider
Distressed Leather & Cowhide Swivel Glider
Stampede Half Moon Ottoman
Diamond Canyon Two Piece Theater Sofa
Diamond Canyon Chair
Black Creek Leather Sofa
Black Creek Leather Chair
Chaps Cowhide Storage Ottoman
Dark Brown Round Cowhide Ottoman - 24 Inch
Light Brown Round Cowhide Ottoman - 24 Inch
Gray Round Cowhide Ottoman - 24 Inch
White Round Cowhide Ottoman - 24 Inch
Dark Brown Round Cowhide Ottoman - 36 Inch
Light Brown Round Cowhide Ottoman - 36 Inch
Gray Round Cowhide Ottoman - 36 Inch
White Round Cowhide Ottoman - 36 Inch
Mesquite Ranch Leather and Faux Cowhide Arm Chair - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 7/20/2021
Ranch Comfort Sleeper Sofa
Arizona Sleeper Sofa
Arizona 4 Piece Living Room Set
Arizona Chair
Hinsdale Chinchilla Sofa
Hinsdale Chinchilla Oversized Chair
Fireside Peacock Chair
Fireside Peacock Ottoman
Ranch Collection Round Tricolor Cowhide Ottoman - 48 Inch
Ranch Collection Round Tricolor Cowhide Ottoman - 36 Inch
San Miguel Turquoise Stripe Ottoman
San Miguel Rio Fabric Ottoman
San Miguel Salsa Fabric Ottoman
Bert Hooked Wool Footstool
Bert Hooked Wool Bench - OVERSTOCK
Adrian Sofa
Idaho Giant Ottoman
Maverick Loveseat
Maverick Swivel Glider
Medina Tall Back Swivel Glider
Western Royalty Recliner
Maverick 3 Cushion Sofa - 10 Ft.
Ranch Foreman Sofa - 10 Ft.
Vaquero 3 Cushion Sofa - 10 Ft.
Dark Brindle Hair on Hide Leather Storage Cube
Stampede and Faux Leather Silt Rambler Chair
Jerome Davis Timber Leather Collection
Faux Fur Argyle Leg Bench
Faux Fur Diamond Leg Bench
Large White Wash and Black Bench
Ranch Regency Settee
Ranch Regency Rocking Chair
Ranch Regency Large Ottoman
Ranch Regency Small Ottoman
Adrian Sofa - Chocolate
Adrian Sofa - Oatmeal
Amarillo Cowhide Ottoman
Cowboy Up Ottoman
Hondo Rectangle Ottoman
Hondo Settee
Longhorn 3 Cushion Sofa
Longhorn Chair and a Half
Longhorn Tallback Swivel Glider
Maverick Club Chair
Medina 2 Cushion Love Seat
Medina Tufted Club Chair
Mesa Square Ottoman
Mesa Rectangle Ottoman
Mountain Home Love Seat
Mountain Home Oversized Wingback Chair
Mountain Modern Light Brindle Ottoman
Panhandle Chaise Lounge
Old West Cowhide Club Chair
Queen Chaise Lounge
Snowmass Tallback Tufted Swivel Glider
Vaquero Rectangle Ottoman
Victoria Tufted Chair and a Half
Victoria Curved Back Chair
Victoria Swivel Glider
Victoria Small Roll Top Ottoman
Chic Western Club Chair
Beau the Buffalo Footstool
Green Tractor Seat Bench - OUT OF STOCK
Chisholm Sofa
Chisholm Chair
Chisholm Ottoman
Grand Teton Conversation Sofa
Grand Teton Stallone Chair
Grand Teton Half Moon Ottoman
Crimson Fringe Leather Ottoman
Embossed Leather and Nail Head Chaise
Antique Brown Leather Cross Ottoman
Silver Colonial Ottoman
Silver Braided Ottoman
Sooner Chair
Large Square Brown Classico Ottoman
Large Square Turquoise Classico Ottoman
Large Round Brown Colonial Ottoman
Large Round Red Colonial Ottoman
Large Round Turquoise Colonial Ottoman
Large Square Brown Bronco Ottoman
Large Square Brown Posse Ottoman
Large Square Brown Steer Brands Ottoman
Large Square Turquoise with Tacks Ottoman
Large Square Brown with Tacks Ottoman
Large Round Brown Simple Cross Ottoman
Large Round Brown Flared Cross Ottoman
Frontier Dark Draft Sofa
Frontier Dark Draft Sleeper Sofa
Frontier Dark Draft Chair
Frontier Dark Draft Ottoman
Frontier Cosmopolitan Sofa
Frontier Cosmopolitan Sleeper Sofa
Hinsdale Dark Draft Oversized Chair
Hinsdale Dark Draft Oversized Ottoman
Frontier Untouchable Bandwagon Sofa
Frontier Untouchable Bandwagon Sleeper Sofa
Frontier Untouchable Bandwagon Chair
Frontier Untouchable Bandwagon Ottoman
Hamilton Untouchable Bandwagon Sofa
Rancher Floral Frenzy Sofa
Maverick II Club Chair
Maverick II Medium Ottoman
Medina Three Cushion Tufted Sofa
Mountain Modern Cowhide Ottoman
Roja Tufted Oversized Wingback Chair
Salado Settee
Snowmass Swivel Glider
Avalanche Swivel Glider
Bartlett Love Seat
Dark & Stormy Swivel Glider
Durango Club Chair
Durango Medium Ottoman
Durango II Medium Ottoman
Gray Rock Lounge Chair
Gray Rock Tufted Love Seat
Idaho Swivel Glider
Longhorn Oversized Wingback Chair
Maverick Medium Ottoman
Maverick II Two Cushion Love Seat
Maverick II Chair and a Half
Midnight Rider Swivel Glider
Bayou 3 Cushion Sofa
High Desert Chaise Lounge
High Desert Swivel Glider
Luchesse Love Seat
Luchesse Swivel Glider
Splitrail Conversational Sofa
Twin Forks Swivel Glider
Vaquero Curved Back Chair
Vaquero Roll Top Ottoman
Bloomer Cactus Hooked Wool Bench
Bloomer Cactus Hooked Wool Footstool
The American Outlaw Sofa
The American Outlaw Sleeper Sofa
The American Outlaw Loveseat
The American Outlaw Oversized Chair
The American Outlaw Oversized Ottoman
Colton Swivel Chair - Chocolate
Colton Swivel Chair - Natural
Colton Swivel Chair - Teal
Geoffrey Button - Tufted Back Accent Chair - Blue
Burton Push Back Recliner - Sand
Chauncey Settee
Evelyn Wingback Chair
Stampede Sleeper Sofa
Stampede 4 Piece Living Room Set
Brompton Oversized Wingback Recliner
Buffalo Double Recliner
Classic Chesterfield Sofa
Nuevo Desert Oversized Wingback
Nuevo Desert Roll Top Ottoman
Rocking C Swivel Glider Recliner
Split Rail Club Chair
Split Rail Love Seat
Split Rail 3 Cushion Sofa
Turquoise Canyon Lounge Chair
Wild West Swivel Glider
Gray Rock Ottoman
Roja Tufted Tallback Swivel Glider
Multicolor Cowhide Ottoman
Double Vanity Bench - Hair on Hide
Spanish Heritage Bench - Western
Spanish Heritage Bench - Antique Brown
Spanish Heritage Bench - Blue
High Desert Channelback Swivel Glider
Jenkins Chair
Maverick II Oversized Wingback Recliner
Palomino Western Recliner
Palomino Western Swivel Glider
Restoration Western Love Seat
Restoration Western Ottoman
River Rock 4x4 Ottoman
River Rock Lounge Chair
Santa Fe Wingback Recliner
Splitrail Curved Sectional
Burly Upholstered Sofa
Burly Upholstered Queen Sleeper
Burly Upholstered Loveseat
Burly Upholstered Lounge Chair
Burly Upholstered Storage Ottoman
Rambler Storage Ottoman
Coffee Table Ottoman
Braden Sofa
Braden Loveseat
Braden Lounge Chair
Coronado Settee
Bakersfield Furniture Collection
Mojave Triangles Bench
Mojave Triangles Footstool
Sahara Sunset Bench
Palomino Curved Cowhide Sofa
Turquoise Gator Oversized Wingback Recliner
Panhandle Cowhide Double Chaise Lounge
Cowhide & Crocodile Oversized Wingback Recliner
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Blue
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Chocolate
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Smoke
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Bone
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Orange
Dallas Faux Leather Accent Chair - Purple
Dakota Milking Stool
West Bend Bench
Old Wood Antique White Bench
Old Wood Industrial Gray Bench
Old Wood Natural Bench
Fernando Iron Bench - Calf Roper & Antique Brown
Fernando Iron Bench - Calf Roper & Red
Jumbo Trunk Bench - Colonial
San Sebastian Trunk Bench - Antique Brown
Solomon Bench with Back - Colonial & Antique Brown
San Sebastian Bench - Hair on Hide & Rustic
Diego Chair - Class & Antique Brown
Imperial Chair with Arms - Colonial & Antique Brown
Double Vanity Bench - Colonial & Antique Brown
Double Vanity Bench - Colonial & Turquoise
Double Vanity Bench with Tacks - Antique Brown
Double Vanity Bench - Steer Brands & Rustic
Double Vanity Bench - Posse & Antique Brown
Large Square Ottoman - Colonial Ash
Large Round Ottoman - Colonial Natural
Large Square Ottoman with Tacks - Natural
Large Square Ottoman with Tacks - Red
Large Square Ottoman - Bronco & Antique Brown
Large Round Classic Stitch Ottoman - Antique Brown
Large Square Braided Ottoman - Antique Brown
Large Square Hair on Hide Ottoman - Patchwork Colonial
Frontier Side Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat
Woodsman Side Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat
Ranchman's Side Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat & Clear Lacquer Finish
Ranchman's Side Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat, Stain & Clear Lacquer Finish
Woodsman Woodland Upholstery Side Chairs with Laser-Engraved Animal Designs
Ranchman's Woodland Upholstery Side Chairs with Laser-Engraved Animal Designs
Frontier Captain's Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat
Woodsman Captain's Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat
Ranchman's Captain's Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat & Clear Lacquer Finish
Ranchman's Captain's Chair with Woodland Upholstered Seat, Stain & Clear Lacquer Finish
Woodsman Woodland Upholstery Captain's Chairs with Laser-Engraved Animal Designs
Ranchman's Woodland Upholstery Captain's Chairs with Laser-Engraved Animal Designs
Buckskin Furniture Collection
Arizona Furniture Collection
Abington Sand Furniture Collection
Classic Croc Ottoman
Aztec Jade Contemporary Cowhide Lounge Chair
Old West Rustic Poker Chair
Classic Croc Wingback Chair
White Contemporary Cowhide Barrel Swivel Glider
Telluride Swivel Glider
Davenport Ranch Swivel Glider
Aztec Contemporary Rustic Tufted Lounge Chair
Nuevo Azul Contemporary Leather Settee
Longhorn Rustic Cowhide Ranch Wingback Recliner
Adrian Contemporary Rustic Club Chair
Classic Croc Wingback Recliner
Lancaster Chair & a Half
Adrian Contemporary Western Cowhide Love Seat
Contemporary Tufted Leather Sofa
Sedona Sofa
Chesterfield Rustic Western Love Seat
Telluride Sofa
Nuevo Azul Southwestern Leather Swivel Glider
Bronco Barrel Western Swivel Cowhide Chair
Nuevo Desert Settee
Weston Bench - White
Weston Bench - Red
Weston Bench - Turquoise
Kensington Faux Leather Bench
Back Country Bench
Maverick II Three Cushion Sofa
Sitara Leather Chairs & Ottomans
Red Pepper Coffee Table Ottoman with Barnwood Legs
Legend Stallone Sofa with Brindle Hide
Legend Stallone Chair with Brindle Hide
Legend Stallone Ottoman with Brindle Hide
Showing 1-99 of 173 products
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Welcome to the Western Sofas and Chairs section of the Lone Star Western Decor Web store. Here you can browse through a vast selection of Rustic Furniture and seating options, including leather chairs and ottomans, as well as western rockers and sofas. Just kick back and relax while you dive into a world of comfort and paradise.

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