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Get Your Lone Star Shining with the Hallmarks of Western Design

Get Your Lone Star Shining with the Hallmarks of Western Design

Aug 3rd 2021

Get Your Lone Star Shining with the Hallmarks of Western DesignThere's a certain nostalgia associated with the Old West, a time and place that capture the freedom and adventure of the American spirit. Westward expansion was not easy—all you have to do is examine the fate of the Donner party to understand the hardships of striking out to settle untamed land. And yet, the American culture attaches a high level of romanticism to the "manifest destiny" period in our nation's history.

We've even developed a particular interior design style surrounding the Western and Southwestern portion of the country that incorporates elements of the desert landscape, tokens of Native American culture and design from the region, and rustic touches that hearken back to a simpler time, so to speak, when opportunities for adventure abounded. If you're looking to incorporate Western design into your décor, here are just a few hallmarks to kick off your interior makeover.

Desert Colors and Motifs

The desert may seem bleak to some, but others see a vast array of colors that can be incorporated into interior design. This starts with the warm, sandy tones that are all around. These make for a great neutral base for your design. On top of this you can layer on orange and adobe shades, as well as accents in yellow, green, and especially turquoise. You can even draw in the colors of vibrant blooms that spring up for a flickering moment after seasonal rains.

Native American Arts and Crafts Styles

The intricate, handwoven textiles and rugs traditionally created by some Native American tribes have long been a source of fascination to other cultures, so it's no surprise they're a staple of the American Western style. The Southwestern style, in particular, leans on Navajo designs particular to the region, often featuring bold shapes and stark, contrasting colors. While it's difficult to find authentic, vintage pieces, the long-lived tradition of Navajo weaving carries on today, and you can find new pieces in both traditional and modern styles.

Leather and Wood

Rustic elements like leather and wood are often included in Western designs. Wooden beams are a frequent addition to homes, and both wooden and leather furniture are apropos. If you're going for more of a general Western style, as opposed to purely Southwestern, cowhide is another popular addition, and it can be used for rugs, accent pieces like pillows or ottomans, or even full furniture pieces if you're really gung-ho.

Wildlife Art and Décor

Antlers, mounted trophy heads, and even full taxidermied animals are perfectly acceptable elements of décor in Western states, but if you're not super keen to display hunting trophies or light fixtures made of antlers in your home, you can opt instead to decorate with artistic renderings of animals and scenery, from the lone wolf on the prowl to colorful renditions of mesas standing out starkly against the desert sky.