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Finding the Perfect Western-Themed Housewarming Gift

Finding the Perfect Western-Themed Housewarming Gift
Spring is that time of year where everyone thinks about change. Meaningful change, not the cold weather resolutions you ponder late New Year's Eve after a glass or two of champagne. Those late at night winter moments result in pledges to lose weight or to begin an exercise regime. By February, most of those decisions are half-forgotten wisps of thought. In April, people reach for different kinds of change. They move. They change states. They change homes. They change leases—sometimes they change partners. Suddenly, out of the blue, you've been invited to not one, not two, but three housewarming parties.

So now you have a dilemma. You're on the hook for housewarming gifts.

Often a housewarming gift is like that Christmas gift from your Great Aunt Ethyl—it's either something incredibly ugly you wouldn't have in your home or something uniquely odd with no relevant modern use. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive, useful housewarming gifts with a Western twist that will make your recipient thrilled that you are her friend.

How about a serving bowl? Do you ever worry about owning enough bowls? Often we don't think about them, at least, until one is needed. Then, the search begins through all of the kitchen drawers trying to find a bowl that isn't so cracked or stained or just too small to use as a serving bowl for guests. A lovely, unique serving bowl is something everyone needs but never buys for oneself. Make this gift even better by filling it with something delicious, like seven-layer dip, or homemade guacamole.

What goes well with guacamole? Margaritas, of course. For margaritas, you need margarita glasses. Your good friends will not only love a set of margarita glasses but will also happily use them when you are around. Make it even more personal by including your favorite margarita recipe on a cute piece of Western card stock. Margarita glasses are a fun gift because they promote a party atmosphere, which is welcoming in a new home and neighborhood.

It's possible your friend may dislike margaritas (hard to believe, but still possible). If margaritas aren't her cup of tea, maybe she would prefer something to hold tea, like a mug or a set of mugs. Have you ever watched those house hunting shows? When the couples on those shows inspect homes, you can bet one of them will say, "I can just imagine myself having a cup of coffee here," as they point to a cozy nook in the house. Mugs are the perfect gift for the person who enjoys sipping a hot drink on a porch, balcony, or breakfast bar. Adding a packet of your favorite tea or coffee will give this gift a personal touch.

When I had my own housewarming party, one of the best gifts I received was a set of novelty measuring spoons. A college friend gave them to me. The spoons are tucked into a base that sits on the counter next to my oven. Every time I look at it, I smile. It reminds me not only of the friend who gave it but of the great times we shared.

A housewarming gift should be personal, needed and appreciated. And it should in some way reflect your relationship with the recipient. Think about their hobbies and what you enjoy doing together, and then pick a gift taking all of this into consideration.

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